3 Benefits Organic Soaps Provide Over Industry-Produced Chemical Soaps

We all love to have healthy body and skin. While we focus on limiting our intake of toxins, many overlook the fact that toxins can enter our body through absorption by body. Given how much chemicals, fragrances and dyes industries use for making soaps, the common anti-bacterial soap does expose our body to toxins without us taking note of, which can escalate to further some health issues as we age.

The ideal solution to this issue is using organic soaps that consist of natural ingredients. Why using organic is much more beneficial than the usual anti-bacterial soaps? We take a look at the benefits offered by organic soaps:

1. Chemical-Free
Soaps we purchase from supermarkets are industry produced and are manufactured using a wide range of chemicals and other such ingredients that can cause itchiness, rashes, soreness, irritation and similar issues to many (depending on the skin type). What many people experience in the form of cracked skin in winters is often caused by soap based chemicals that lead to dryness of the skin over time.

Organic soaps, on the other hand, doesn’t constitute of any chemical or pesticide and are composed of only natural plant products and herbs which are ideally suitable to give our skin the cleansing and care it needs.

2. Naturally Anti-Bacterial
Unlike normal soaps, organic soaps don’t need any specific composition to give the anti-bacterial properties which also might not prove too effective for the user. These soaps are crated using certain natural ingredients that are chosen because of their natural anti-bacterial properties. The essential and organic oils used help provide natural protection to our body from external bacteria and diseases.

3. Skin-Friendly
We all have different kinds of skins. Some people might find their allergic to certain elements, while some people’s skin might be too sensitive and could get affected easily because of industrial products. Organic soaps help you avoid any such concern as these are completely suitable for all skin types, being gentle in application. These help to naturally moisturize the skin and keep it soft and glowing.

Organic soaps are also cruelty-free, meaning the ingredients these contain are not tested on animals.

When I learned about how my regular soap was not that healthy after all, and the problems I was literally facing with my skin, I decide to switch over to organic soaps. The quality of soap and ingredient combination I was looking for was found at Aloha Soap Factory. Have been using their products for past four months and there has been a renewed sense of skin glow and healthiness with my whole body that I am experiencing now. It is not just skin, but overall a feel more relaxed and calm with enhanced body activeness after a bath.

You can visit Aloha Soap Factory website and see for yourself how extensive their product range is and you would definitely find one that suits your needs.

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    Barbara Kenny

    Aloha Soap doesn’t dry out skin like other soaps and instead of this, it moisturizes the skin fully. My skin is dry and none of the soap suits my skin but after using aloha soap, my skin looks soft, nourished and glowy after washing with it. And also it moisturizes your skin so anyone who has a problem of dry skin and searching the best soap should definitely try Aloha soaps.


    lolita pokrovskaya

    I am new to Aloha Soap Factory and have never used their soap range. I decided to try the natural ingredients soap which cannot harm the skin than I will try aloha cupcakes soap. After using their soap my skin feels smooth and nourished. It gives me a natural dewy look. Highly Recommended Aloha Soap Factory to all who need a change in their skin with a natural product.


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